#050 – Consulting Fundamentals #1 : What is a consultant?

This episode marks the start of a new 10-episodes serie called "Consulting Fundamentals". This serie aims at providing you with all the basics of consulting and be a consultant. In this episode, I answer to the question "What is a consultant?" from 4 angles:...

#044 – The importance of standing up for yourself

In this short solocast, I express my opinion on the importance of standing up yourself.  At the 6:35 mark, I read out a sermon pronounced by Martin Luther King back in 1967.His sermon is still so valid today in 2020.  Stay tuned because at least 2 other...

#059 – 7 ways your ego can hurt consulting projects

#059 – 7 ways your ego can hurt consulting projects

In this solo cast, I am detailing 7 ways in which project leaders may unknowingly hurt projects because of their ego. And to detail those 7 ways, I'm going to take the viewpoint of a project leader or someone that has responsibilities that would impact a project. I...

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