#050 – Consulting Fundamentals #1 : What is a consultant?

This episode marks the start of a new 10-episodes serie called "Consulting Fundamentals". This serie aims at providing you with all the basics of consulting and be a consultant. In this episode, I answer to the question "What is a consultant?" from 4 angles:...

#044 – The importance of standing up for yourself

In this short solocast, I express my opinion on the importance of standing up yourself.  At the 6:35 mark, I read out a sermon pronounced by Martin Luther King back in 1967.His sermon is still so valid today in 2020.  Stay tuned because at least 2 other...

#082 – How to build a luxury brand with Ingrid Rogier

#082 – How to build a luxury brand with Ingrid Rogier

Our guest today is Ingrid Rogier. Ingrid is a professional and a student at the same time, and she’s passionate about the luxury industry. Most of her professional career has been more within the financial industry, and now she’s moving towards the luxury industry and...

#080 – Building the business of you with Connie Steele

#080 – Building the business of you with Connie Steele

Connie Steele is a consulting business owner, author and she built her own “career mashup”. She shares to us the principles of her new book “Building the Business of You: A System to Align Passion and Growth Potential Through Your Own Career Mashup”. It is the first...

#079 – Introduction to Season 2!

Welcome to the Season 2 of the podcast. In this episode, I outline the following: Who is the target audience of the podcastWhether there will still be interviews How often episodes will be releasedIntroduction to the first interview of the seasonSpecial...

My life plan: the 6 areas in which I set goals for 2021

This is the last episode of the year 2020, as well as the last of Season 1.I would like to thank all the listeners of the podcast, I greatly appreciate your support. This episode is to be listened in 3 parts:  I share 2020 achievements on the podcastI share...

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