#087 – How to up your influence and authority in B2B sales with Josh Elledge

Mar 29, 2021

My guest today is Josh Elledge
Josh is a serial entrepreneur, who did work in the Navy both as a journalist and as a Dee-Jay. 

You will learn how meeting one famous DJ from the Army inspired him to serve with authenticity. 

Josh has had several entrepreneurial ventures in different industries. 
Today, his company enables businesses to increase their sales through a partnership model. 

Josh’s company, Up my influence, also runs a podcast called “The thoughtful entrepreneur”.

Topics covered with Josh:

  • How the real life Adrian Cronauer of  “Good Morning Vietnam” inspired him
  • Why entrepreneurs devalue authority and overvalue visibility 
  • His company culture 
  • The importance of investing regularly in your authority
  • The importance of “paying your dues” in order to build your authority
  • How to reach B2B decision-makers


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