#084 – Special episode for International Women’s day

Mar 8, 2021

Happy International Woman’s Day!
I highlight amazing contributions from Women in consulting. 
The episode is a collection of  past episodes that I recorded with women. 
The topics approached are the following:

  • Leadership with Denise Sarkor: https://consultinglifestyle.fm/005
  • Entrepreneurship with Rachael Orumor: https://consultinglifestyle.fm/13
  • Diversity and inclusion with Kelly Bron Johnson: https://consultinglifestyle.fm/30
  • Stand against inequality with Ravi Toor: https://consultinglifestyle.fm/46
  • Consulting business model with Lizzy Morris: https://consultinglifestyle.fm/15
  • Sales with Stacey Brown Randall: https://consultinglifestyle.fm/72
  • Mindset with Wendy Maynard : https://consultinglifestyle.fm/21

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