#081 – How to grab the helm of your career with Dr Robert Sicora

Feb 22, 2021

Dr Robert Sicora is a consultant who used to work in Human Resources with large organizations such as Pfizer, Carlson companies, Cargill, etc. 

Throughout his life, he always held a stance about what he wanted to do. 
He used to want to be a pilot and was working as a recreational therapist with youth. 
His recreational therapy work is what inspired him to study in Human Resources. 

He works in the organizational development side of businesses. 
And while being an independent consultant, he completed a doctorate in Education (EED). 

During the interview, we discuss about:

  • His career story
  • The book Grab the Helm
  • His decision to become independent during the 2008 crisis
  • What is “the crew”
  • How he collaborates and builds trust with partners and competitors
  • The “leading from the helm” model
  • The 8 factors of engagement 
  • The 8 elements of leadership
  • The intersection between Talent, Opportunity and Passion
  • The importance of building Trust
  • How Robert prices his services and the importance of diversifying them (time, tools, models, subscription, etc) and adjust them to the type of customers you work with
  • Robert’s purpose: “Being in the moment, being very aware of the opportunity that are presented to me to serve others”
  • His vision of what is the Consulting Lifestyle

His book “Grab the Helm: navigating with purpose” guides readers through the ongoing process of
> discovering their purpose – both in life and their career – to drive
> engagement and fulfillment. The book intertwines theory with a
> compelling story that pulls readers in to the application of learned
> concepts and ample opportunity for reflection.

His life purpose is:

“My purpose is being in the moment, being very aware of the opportunity that are presented to me to serve others”


  • https://sicoraconsulting.com
  • https://sicoraconsulting.com/leading-from-the-helm/
  • https://grabthehelm.teachable.com/p/home

How to get in touch with me:

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/diogenentirandekura
  • https://consultinglifestyle.fm
  • info@erphappy.com 

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