#057 – Christopher Stafford: How a massive abundance mindset helps you creating the life you desire

Sep 7, 2020

Christopher Stafford is an ex-accountant at PWC for over 10 years and then became a business owner as a real estate listing agent.

Like a lot of other consultants, he started to work in a big firm before making entrepreneurial decisions that enabled him to mould the lifestyle that he wants for himself. He started in the real estate industry by having advice from a friend about being a real estate listing agent.

He has written two books and is now living an essentially location-free lifestyle, though he is based in San Francisco, California.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Chris started in the real estate industry
  • Why he kept setting crazy goals for himself by raising the bar constantly
  • Why strategy remains the same and tactics are adaptive throughout time
  • How he started coaching real estate agents
  • What is his typical work week
  • How he manages to take 12 weeks off per year

Resources: To get a free copy of Christopher Stafford’s book “Massive Abundance” go to www.theagentunleashed.com 

there was one other podcast episode about real estate, and it was the episode : https://consultinglifestyle.fm/40 with Jas Takhar.

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