#034 – How to be a poet, entrepreneur and peace advocate with Chitra Lele

Apr 20, 2020

Chitra Lele is the young founder of Chitra Lele & Associates, a software consulting company. 
She managers her company with ethically aligned design principles. 
Poetry, writing, peace and ethics influence her persona and her business. 
She is also doing a PhD in emerging technologies (AI, Machine Learning, etc). 
She holds a world record related to books writing.

In this episode, You will learn:

  • Chitra started Chitra Lele and associates encouraged by her parents
  • Ethically aligned design guides her company
  • why she is very transparent with her clients
  • why spirituality and software development are the same thing
  • about her involvement with peace
  • how her company copes with the COVID-19 crisis
  • about the subject of her PhD 
  • why she does not watch the “idiot box” 
  • about how she manages time management
  • how she got world-record in writing books in a short amount of time


Chitra Lele’s Professional LinkedIn:: www.linkedin.com/in/chitraleleauthorandsoftwareengineer/

Chitra Lele’s Academic and Creative Blog: http://chitrathesavvysynergist.blogspot.com

Ethically Align Design: https://ethicsinaction.ieee.org/

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