#032 – COVID-19 offerings from tech giants, a Q1 2020 recap and Q2 2020 plans for the podcast with Diogène Ntirandekura

Apr 13, 2020

  1. I detail special offerings from tech giants Microsoft, Google, SAP, Salesforce, Dropbox, Hellosign and Asana for their clients during this difficult time. 
  2. I do a recap on the past podcast episodes in 6 topics: 
    • Building a consulting firm
    • Solo consulting
    • Leadership
    • Government contracting
    • Virtual business 
    • Diversity and inclusion
  3. The future of the podcast, mostly in Q2 2020.


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Google hangout meets


Microsoft Office 365 E1 (including teams)


Dropbox and HelloSign




Salesforce Care for small businesses


Slack for non profit, educational and medical institutions


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