#019 – Create your own opportunity to meet your drive

Feb 27, 2020

Amber Brooks is a fast learner who created Brandividuation after only 8 months of experience working for another employer.

She helps both copywriters and their clients to define and execute on their brand identity in a holistic way. Brandividuation works with impact-focused organizations, businesses and community builders. She is self-taught, uses efficient processes and systems to run her business.

For her, having a Consulting Lifestyle is about “freedom, opportunity and choice”.

In this episode, you will learn: · How Amber pivoted · How does Amber brand herself · Common branding mistakes of B2B service providers · What is the Brandividuation team · Which systems and processes she uses to run Brandividuation · Amber’s future goals with Brandividuation · Her client acquisition strategy · How Brandividuation is different than other marketers · Why brand, marketing and sales should be together

Resources: http://www.brandividuation.com/

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