#006 – Doing business with the government with Emily Harman

Jan 15, 2020

Emily Harman is a small business consultant and life coach.
In her consulting business, she helps her clients to navigate the government contracting process.
As a life coach, she helps people get through their challenges in life.

She has a 20-years career in the military and retired from it in May 2019.

She is a also the host of her own podcast called “Onward”.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Emily’s personal story 
  • how Emily transition from basketball to serve in the military
  • How businesses can navigate the government contracting process
  • advice about doing business with the government for small businesses 
  • Small business and government contracts 
  • Women in the military at her time
  • Women in the military in general
  • Emily’s life coaching business
  • “Onward podcast”: the show hosted by Emily Harman.
  • The evolution of women in the military

For Emily, having a “Consulting Lifestyle” means: 

  • being flexible
  • being your own boss 
  • taking care of her mental and professional health


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