#005 – Be a servant leader and know your life purpose with Denise Sarkor

Jan 15, 2020

Denise Sarkor is born in Liberia, fled the war, lived as a refugee in Ivory Coast before landing in New Jersey, United States.

She is a collector of skills and has always gone the extra mile to get what she wants in her life and her career.

She is today an accomplished business development executive for IBM’s SAP practice.
She is also an executive coach and leadership trainer, on top of that she regards herself as a Global Citizen.

She founded New Roots Living, her own coaching business, mainly focused on helping women entrepreneurs.

Throughout this interview you will learn a lot about Denise’s choices throughout her career and how each and every experience she had actually contributed to her success into the next one.

For Denise, having a “Consulting Lifestyle” means “having a constant mirror up your face”.

In this episode, we will cover great topics such as:

  • servant leadership
  • the importance of change management in an ERP implementation
  • concept of partnership
  • average sales cycle for SAP S4 HANA projects
  • her executive coaching business 
  • finding your life purpose

Of course, the views expressed by Denise Sarkor do engage only herself and not her employer, IBM.


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