#003 – How the Messenger Bot Guy makes your business more profitable with Paul Ace

Jan 15, 2020

Paul Ace is a young serial entrepreneur based in the UK. He is now called “The Messenger Bot Guy”.

Peter has founded Brightsider, a consulting company active in helping organisations and their employees improve and succeed through leadership development, performance management and employee engagement amongst other services.

He has built 4 businesses in totally unrelated industries: 

  • a big chain bakery (ran a 18 people team at 20 years old)
  • lead singer in 50’s/60’s rock band
  • bridesmaid dress sales
  • conversational commerce with “The Messenger Bot Guy” 

For Paul, a messenger bot is like “having a 24/7 salesperson who never makes a mistake and never leaves you for another company” .

In this captivating conversation, Paul will share with us the lessons he learned through running all those businesses and what the conversational commerce experience is. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • what a messenger bot is 
  • conversational commerce experience
  • client success story
  • why engagement is key for customer business’ success
  • what you do after having asked for the sale
  • how Paul applies the Pareto principle to his business
  • how Paul build his team

For Paul, having a Consulting Lifestyle is :
“giving the freedom to others and to yourself to live on your own terms and make an impact building a legacy”


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